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VIETNAM Cruising Tours
Cultural Experience in Quang Nam Province
Code: CV - CNC01
Type tour: VIETNAM Cruising Tours
Duration: 1 Day/0 Night
Price: Contact Us
Start date: Upon Request
Destination: Hoi An
End: Hoi An
Route: - Hoi An -
Summary: Cultural experience phuoc kieu bronze casting village, primery school, silk, cotton, rice paper, incense making, fishing and Tra Que village

Detailed itinerary:

08:00 AM. Pick up at your hotel and dive along the main road (highway 1) stop and visit Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting village. The village makes products such as bells, gongs, gong-like musical instruments, incense burners, lamp holders, ancient vase and other bronze musical instruments. There musical instruments can make unique sounds due to a special technique of a combination of different types of metals used in the process of casting which only the skilled artisans can do. 
After we leave Phuoc Kieu Bronze Casting village we visit a primary school with 4-5 years old. You get the chance to see how they are taught. We stay here for 30 minutes, you can play around with the children and even try to teach them something, likecounting in the English. You will find that they are very enthousiatic about meeting the “strange” people from the other countries.
10:00 AM. From here we will take another short jouney to the silk making village. This village is famous for growing mulberry, breeding silkworms making silkcords and weaving. It is believed that nowhere else the silk is as fine it is here. In history in it"s most prosperous period, the silk- growingare was as much as 160 hectres and there were as many as 200 households engaged in this trade. Visiting this vilage visitors will have the opportunity to see with their own eyes different stages in the producton of these famous silk products.
11:30 AM. We will move on to the rice paper making village for lunch. There we will relax with the local people in their house until 1h30 pm. From here we can walk to the rice paper making place and see how the local people produce rice paper by hand. You are welcome to take photos. 
14:00 PM. We will take another short ride to the incense making village via a local road. In this incense making place you can take a look how the people make incense really quickly by hand, 8000 a day.
14:40 PM. On the way back to Hoi An we will take another short cut to Tra Que village. (Tra Que village is the main place where the local people grow all kinds of vegetables) for over 300 years this has been the main place where the local people grow all their vegetables. Now all the vegetable fromhere are supplied everywhere in Vietnam. 
15:30 PM. Back to another local road to the Ganh fishing village. In this village, you can see how the local people live and catch fish by fishnet and catch fish with a fishcan without hook and without bait…How?
17:00 PM. Back to your hotel. End trip.

Cancellation policy: 
No Show 100 % charge
7-1 days 50 % of the tour price
14-8 days 30 % of the tour price
21-15 days up 10 % of the tour price
22 days up no charge

* Itinerary is subject to change depending on the confirmed flights, road conditions, and rooms availability. 
*Prices are subject to change in case of VAT or other tax increases

Cultural Experience in Quang Nam Province
CV - CNC01