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Climate: There is no season that is especially recommended for visiting Vietnam, because when in one region is cold, rainy and foggy, there is always some other place with sunshine and a mild temperature. There are two seasons in the North: summer and winter. Winter lasts from November to March, and the temperature is pretty low (10 - 15C°). During February and March there is a very fine, continuous rain called "dust of rain". Summer lasts from March to October, characterized by occasional and some times violent typhoons. During these months the weather is sultry. 

Central part of the country, from April to October is characterized by very nice weather and is not affected by monsoon coming from the Southwest, thanks to the natural protection of Truong Son mountain chain. But the monsoon coming from the Northeast brings rain and typhoons during the November-March period. 

The South has a sub-equatorial climate and there are two seasons: the humid one from March to November with almost daily flooding, the dry one from December to April with hot and dry climate. 

The sea 
Phu Quoc The dry season runs from October to July. 
Phan Tiet is the only seaside resort with eleven months of beautiful weather. During July and August there are rainy days but the rain is moderate. 
In Nha Trang and in Danang/ Hoi An hot and dry season is from February to October.

Language: Vietnamese is the official language. English and French are also widely spoken

Currency: The local currency is the VIETNAMESE DONG (VND). The official change is about 20.500 VND for 1 usd. In the big cities are normally used American dollars. Foreign currencies and tourist cheques can be exchanged into Vietnamese Dong at banks or foreign exchange agencies.
- Credit cards are popularly used, especially in cities and big tourist centers.

Electricity: 220 volt

Time zone: The time zone difference is 6 hours, 5 hours during the summer legal hour. 

Area code: Vietnam telephone country code is +84, followed by the city code (i.e.: Saigon is 8, Hanoi is 4) and the subscriber’s number. To call abroad, dial 00 (+) and the country code, followed by the city code (with 0) and the subscriber’s number. 
Health: It is not necessary to get any vaccination if you are visiting only big cities or main tourist locations. Anti-malaria prophylaxis could be useful if you decide to visit swampy territory at the border with Laos. To prevent intestine problems avoid eating ice and raw vegetables or fruits sold on the streets. At the hotels you are free to consume any food including ice.