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Day 01: VIENTIANE (Lunch & Dinner)
Arrive and transfer to the hotel. Orientation tour of Vientiane, the capital of Laos. It is the most populated city with its 420.000 inhabitants. The city extends along the left banks of the Mekong River and still retains its "démodé" charm of French old colonial city with its large boulevard and colonial houses , the History Museum, the Presidential Palace, the amazing color of Talat Sao, the joy of Nam Pho the fountain and the mysterious That Dam "Black Stupa", the joy of the people that during sunset find themselves in the many little restaurant that are along the river Vientiane is proud to show his modern activities mixed with its wonderful ancient remains. Lunch at the hotel and Dinner in a typical restaurant.
Day 02: VIENTIANE - LUANG PRABANG (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
In the morning flight to Luang Pra Bang, the ancient royal capital located in a valley at 700 hundred meters of altitudinal on the Mekong river. Full day visit Luang Prabang that for the incomparable beauty of the environment and the interesting masterpiece of Buddhist religious architecture UNESCO declare World Heritage. Still are more than 30 temple from which is possible fir each traveler to feel the mystic- spiritual: within the many there are Vat Visoun, Vat Sené, Vat Xieng Thong. To admire the soft color of the sun set is possible to reach Vat Chom Si on the Phu Si hill, the sacred hill from which is possible to dominate all the view of Luang Pra Bang. Lunch in typical restaurant Dinner in Hotel
Day 03: LUANG PRABANG (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Full Day Excursion Pack Ou Cave .In the morning departure by motorboat to travel up the course of the Mekong passing through the evocative scenes which surprised the XVIII century explorers: the wild vegetation opens up in order to reveal the village where the strong national liqueur, the lao lao, is distilled and where people weave silk or create paper with bark of the mulberry trees. Where the river gets narrow, the cliff conceals the famous Pak Ou Caves. Two caves filled with Buddha images of all styles and sizes during the centuries. On the way back to Luang Prabang, we will have a stop on the right shore of the Mekong for a relaxing trekking to the village Xieng Maen, famous in the past for cultivation of algaes. From here, in a path immerse in the vegetation we reach an old temple in which now live only a few monks, whereof the oldest trie to find their way to nirvana through meditation. Back to Luang Prabang and visit of the colorful evening market with handicrafts, located on the road between Royal Palace and Phu Si Hill. Lunch picnic and Dinner at hotel.
Day 04: LUANG PRABANG (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Half Day visit of Kuong Si Waterfall – Excursion by the road that take us to the most suggestive place around Luang Prabang . Even if the tourism already arrives, the beauty and the ancestral charm of the life stile of the ethnic minorities of the mountain still offer incredible emotion. The famous Hmong, untiring warrior and poppy cultivator they left their tradition but still keep their fierce behavior. The Natural Park of Kuong Si waterfall it falls on limestone cliff formations and then rest its sudden start in turquoise river basins which give life to one of the fascinating panoramas in Laos. The particularity" of this place is given by the impetuosity of the water fall and by the calm of the nature that surround. Half Day Visit Luang Pra Bang by bicycle. In the afternoon is possible to visit by bicycle the streets of Luangh Pra Bang and search fro some unusual object to buy and for whom do not like to bike tuc tuc are available. Lunch Pic Nic and Dinner in Hotel
Day 05: LUANG PRABANG - VIENTIANE (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Half day visit ‘Alms & National Museum’ For who is interested is possible to weak up before and go to admire the famous monk Alms- every morning ‘since always’ 250 monks together with their chief Khamjan, are walking around the city and receive the alms from the worships – back to hotel for break fast – visit of National Museum built in 1904 to be the Royal Palace, nowadays shows a rich collection of items of all kinds belonging to the Royal Family, especially il Phra Bang, Statue in gold ,tall 83 centimeter that following the tradition is the symbol of Lane Xang reign since XIII century . Transfer by flight to Vientiane. Half day visit temple- Visit of the main temple: Patuxai, "Victory Gate"the gigantic Arch which commemorates the independence, called Anusawaree by the locals. Proceed then with visit of the most sacred place of all Laos, That Luang huge stupa, which is said contain the reliquary of Buddha, the tradition believe that has been taken in Laos during the III century before Christ. In the heart of the city there is the ancient Vat Si Sa Ket which contain more than two thousand images of Buddha, is believed that these images protect the Vat from the terrible destruction made by the Siamese military in 1828. On the other side of the road we find the Ho Pra Kheo, Museum of religious art, characterized by the many bronze Buddha statues. Lunch in Typical restaurant and Dinner in Hotel
Day 06: VIENTIANE - PAKSE (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Transfer to the airport. Flight to Pakse and transfer to the hotel. Full-day visit of Bolaven plateau., the region of coffee plantation, of the green forest and the amazing waterfall, where many ethnic community of mon-khemr are still leaving. Is possible to visit Alak, Nghe’ and Suei village which have all the same characteristic of building the hut in round and at the center is built a temple of genius with the sacrificial pole of the buffalo. They are still leaving with their ancestral costume, cultivating the land with the same instrument used by their ancestor and the elephant is still their companion of job and hunting. Lunch in typical restaurant and Dinner in Hotel. Overnight in a clean and very simple hotel.
Day 07: PAKSE - CHAMPASAK - DONE KHONG (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Half day visit of Vat Phu - Transfer to Champasak by the left shore of the Mekong. At 8 km from the city is rising a mountain high 1416 meters and ending with a shape that resemble a sacred linga . It is an ancient place of cult of the mountain genius and of the spirit of the water, it has been choused already in VI century by the Khmer of the Cenla reign to build a temple in honor of Shiva . They call it Vat Phu, the Temple [ Vat] of he mountain [Phu=Phnom]. The emperors of Angkor considered it their “dynastic temple”. Jayavarman IV star the works in the first half of X century and today we still see the vestige of the past , A “ scared road” long 800 meters which goes from the artificial basin of 180 meter per 600 meters passing through two big sanctuary with rectangular base, until the top located at 70 meter high from the plain where is built the temple, where in the past was kept a sacred gold linga. The visit of the site is a discovery of statues or huge bass relieves carved in the rock and surrounded by a wild nature. Half day visit of Mekong - The magic goes until the shores of the river, where the Mekong enlarge to contain the Deng island where the inhabitants survive with fishing and tropical cultivation. Proceed to the South until the Don Khong Island, big island where the time seems to be stopped in the past. Lunch in typical restaurant and Dinner in Hotel. Overnight at clean and very simple hotel.
Day 08: DONE KHONG (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner)
Full day of the extreme south – the day pass by the Mekong river in one of the most suggestive and beautiful Indochinese scenario. Here is still possible to feel the “colonial” past, the adventurous exploring travels on the Mekong of the eighteen Century. The nature defend it self from the attack of the modernity and keep its original beauty . The powerful water, not yet polluted, is the perfect environment for the rare sweet water dolphins. The Mekong proceed from Laos to Cambodia with the spectacular Pha Peng waterfall, so huge that many named them the “east Niagara Falls” . Lunch in typical restaurant and Dinner in hotel. Overnight at clean and very simple hotel
Day 09: DONE KHONG - PAKSE - End of our services (Breakfast)
Transfer to Pakse airport or to Lao/Thailand border ... End of our services


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